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10 Classroom Strategies to Dramatically Improve Student Achievement

 1.    Establish a climate of mutual respect. Have students develop and agree on a set of guidelines for acceptable classroom behavior, based on the idea of mutual respect and everyone’s right to learn. Enforce these guidelines strictly and consistently and students will rise to your expectations. (Suggested Course – Classroom Management Keeping it Positive) 2.    Set high […]


Engaging Students Through Relevant Context

When we think about engaging students through the use of rigorous lesson an aspect that we must attend to is the context in which students are learning. What we mean here by context is the setting, situation, or role that students engage with and/or take on when learning and applying new understandings.  This is often […]


Parent Engagement vs. Parent Involvement In Our Schools

Without parents, schools would not exist. Parents send their children to school for a variety of reasons, and all parents want what is best for their children. They want their children to learn and to thrive, to grow and develop, to become independent and productive people in society. It is clear, though, that parents of school-age […]


So Why Aren’t More Schools Buying Into Makerspaces?

There is tremendous buzz lately about setting up a Makerspace. Thankfully, educators, policy makers, administrators and the education community, in general, are realizing that in order to really cultivate metacognition and real-world skills, we need hands-on, project-based learning. Object-based learning is making a comeback, and teachers are connecting lessons back to the industry, creating a […]


Using Lists Effectively with Classroom Instruction

Since making lists may seem like a routine task, what is the big deal about it?  On the surface, making and using lists with students may appear to be a simplistic process.  However, upon further exploration, lists can be used for more than just gathering and collecting information. Lists are used on a daily basis […]


Developing Effective Student Study Habits

The study habits that children develop at an early age will influence how they learn throughout their school years. Elementary school teachers and parents play an important role in helping children establish the best approaches to learning.

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Classroom Management – Becoming A Better Leader For Learning

Anyone who has spent time with children in a classroom environment knows that every classroom needs an Instructional leader.  If the teacher is unable or unwilling to assume this role, one or more students will fill the vacuum and lead the class in a direction that might not be best for learning. This is why […]

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Developing A Culture of Metacognition – The Art of Teaching How to Think

As the world economy shifts away from manufacturing jobs and towards more creative jobs, there’s a consensus among parents, educators, politicians and business leaders that it is crucial students complete their K-12 education with the ability to identify and solve complex problems, think critically about information, work effectively in teams and communicate clearly about their […]

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5 Reasons Why Students Benefit From A Problem Centered Math Classroom

Switching to teaching mathematics with a problem-centered approach may cause some teachers to step outside of their own comfort zone, the benefits that students receive from learning in this environment are well worth the discomfort that may be felt. Take a look at the 5 benefits followed by and math instruction video segment below.

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From Dinosaur to Avatar — The Never-Ending Process of Learning and Growing as a Teacher

Educators must be treated as a critical profession whose role it is to help mold generations to come. There should be no question about providing the necessary resources and time for professional development opportunities.

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