Differentiated instruction


4 Hacks to Teach Your Kids Good Study Techniques

By Jane Sandwood, Freelance Writer Children learn very quickly at a young age, largely because they have a more malleable prefrontal cortex. Studies conducted by the Washington University School of Medicine have proven that children even use different parts of their brains to adults, allowing them to process new information more quickly. The more a child uses a part of […]


So Why Aren’t More Schools Buying Into Makerspaces?

There is tremendous buzz lately about setting up a Makerspace. Thankfully, educators, policy makers, administrators and the education community, in general, are realizing that in order to really cultivate metacognition and real-world skills, we need hands-on, project-based learning. Object-based learning is making a comeback, and teachers are connecting lessons back to the industry, creating a […]


Supporting Learner Differences in the Classroom

Within any given classroom at any particular grade level, a teacher will understand that their students come from diverse backgrounds and will have unique, personal and individual differences. Subsequently, each and every student may learn new knowledge differently and this naturally, will affect how they perform in the classroom. Understanding learner differences can be an […]

By Jennifer McGregor | Blog

Developing A Culture of Metacognition – The Art of Teaching How to Think

As the world economy shifts away from manufacturing jobs and towards more creative jobs, there’s a consensus among parents, educators, politicians and business leaders that it is crucial students complete their K-12 education with the ability to identify and solve complex problems, think critically about information, work effectively in teams and communicate clearly about their […]

By Jennifer McGregor | Blog

5 Reasons Why Students Benefit From A Problem Centered Math Classroom

Switching to teaching mathematics with a problem-centered approach may cause some teachers to step outside of their own comfort zone, the benefits that students receive from learning in this environment are well worth the discomfort that may be felt. Take a look at the 5 benefits followed by and math instruction video segment below.

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