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Making Kids Successful Adults Through Play

By Jane Sandwood, Freelance Writer One often overlooked aspect of a child’s development is the teaching of life skills. In contrast to most lessons that focus on academic excellence such as math and science, life skills are, according to UNICEF, the skills that a person needs in order to successfully navigate everyday life. These skills are usually, in addition […]


Creating Student Innovators In Our Schools

When information is ubiquitous and free, and when basic education is available to billions of people worldwide, only one set of skills can ensure this generation’s economic future – the capacity for innovation. Here are few questions to consider as you reflect on the status of our current educational systems and how they need to […]


Building Student Persistence and Perseverance in Math

Do our young people really need math? The standard answer is “Of course, look at our changing technological world.” But the secret, seldom-spoken response is, “That’s exactly why I don’t need it. Machines can do it all for me. And besides, I’ll never be an engineer.” So students opt out, sitting in classrooms going through […]


Webinar Series: Making STEM Relevant in Your Classroom (March 26)

One of the top jobs in America today is an app developer; something that you couldn’t even get a degree in five years ago. And, the US Department of Commerce estimates that over 50 percent of the jobs currently available will be automated in the next ten years. Therefore, we need to prepare our students! […]


Webinar Series: Creating a Path to Success with Blended Learning

Websites, web tools, web resources, student engagement, student-centered learning, and the list goes on…do you want to make sense of using technology efficiently? Presenter: Marva Wilks Date & Time: Feb 12, 2018 @ 11:00AM EST Cost: Free (Limited Registrations) Length of Webinar:  30 – 40 minutes Moderator intro and overview – 5 mins Presentation – […]


5 Reasons Why Students Benefit From A Problem-Centered Math Classroom

Teaching mathematics with a problem-centered approach may cause some teachers to step outside of their own comfort zone, the benefits that students receive from learning in this environment are well worth the discomfort that may be felt. Take a look at the 5 benefits of a problem-centered math classroom followed by a classroom video segment below.

By Jennifer McGregor | Blog

Increasing Deep Student Engagement and Motivation

Students must engage in lessons at a deeper level more than ever before. However, many educators are left wondering, what does deep engagement look like, how can I increase the level of student engagement within my classroom, and how can I do this in a way that is easy to manage, timely, and, most of all, […]


10 Classroom Strategies to Dramatically Improve Student Achievement

 1.    Establish a climate of mutual respect. Have students develop and agree on a set of guidelines for acceptable classroom behavior, based on the idea of mutual respect and everyone’s right to learn. Enforce these guidelines strictly and consistently and students will rise to your expectations. (Suggested Course – Classroom Management Keeping it Positive) 2.    Set high […]


How to Select the Perfect Cloud Storage Solution for Students

By Jane Sandwood, Freelance Writer As a hard working teacher, it is vital that your students have access to all their work. Imagine your students spending weeks on an end of term essay and then having their computer break down? They may have backed it up on an external hard drive or USB sticks, but these can […]


So Why Aren’t More Schools Buying Into Makerspaces?

There is tremendous buzz lately about setting up a Makerspace. Thankfully, educators, policy makers, administrators and the education community, in general, are realizing that in order to really cultivate metacognition and real-world skills, we need hands-on, project-based learning. Object-based learning is making a comeback, and teachers are connecting lessons back to the industry, creating a […]