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DimensionU creates engaging and interactive multiplayer video games that focus on core academic skills in both mathematics and literacy. Our game content will enhance and extend your classroom instructional time with your students. All gaming content is aligned to your state and Common Core standards.

DimensionU games are realistic, robust, 3D multiplayer video games exactly like other video games kids spend hours playing, with one exception: the only way to score points in the game is to answer math or literacy questions. Controlling a lifelike avatar (as opposed to filling out an animated worksheet) engages students, and they will drill themselves on academic skills as they play. The game design rewards players for consistently answering questions accurately, encouraging improvement and prompting students to ask for help with missed questions so they won’t lose points in a future mission. Students are compelled to beat a previous high score and to collaborate and compete with other players. The more they play, the better they get—and the better they get, the more engaged they become.

FOUR collaborative and engaging, multiplayer game worlds to select from.

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