Preparing Students For More Rigorous Math Assessments, Grades 3-10

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We have come to a tipping point in education when we must change our assessment beliefs and act accordingly. Assessment may be the most powerful tool available to us for ensuring universal student mastery of the more rigorous State Standards. This comprehensive instructional course provides educators and administrators proven methods to implement instruction and assessments aligned to the current state math requirements into daily classroom practices, easily and efficiently.

This course is designed to help prepare educators and schools for how students will be assessed under the current more rigorous state mathematics assessments. As well as provide instructional strategies which will focus on key areas in helping students to better understand math at a conceptual level. This interactive course is designed for job-embedded learning and practical classroom application of state assessment practices and instructional strategies which will prepare your students.

This course will provide an understanding of how to align the more rigorous Mathematics State K-12 Standards along with the use of targeted math instruction in your effort to achieve better student performance on accountability testing.

This course is also fully aligned with Danielson’s Framework for Teaching Domains 1, 2, 3 and 4. Through a combination of lesson activities, online discussions, and instructional reflection processes participants will gain insight of a wide range of strategies and resources to incorporate into their own instructional practices.

This course is offered for educators in the following locations:

  1. Ashland University, (3 Graduate Credits)
  2. California, LAUSD (2 Salary Points)
  3. Hawaii, (45 Clock Hours)
  4. Illinois, (45 Clock Hours)
  5. Michigan, (50 SCECH Credits)
  6. National Open Enrollment, (45 Clock Hours)
  7. New York State Re-Certification (45 CTLE Clock Hours)
  8. Ohio, (40 Clock Hours)
  9. Pennsylvania, Approved ACT 48 Provider

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