Meeting ELL Students' Needs in Today's Classroom, Grades K-12

ELL Strand

Nationally, an average of 10 percent of students in public schools are English Language Learners (ELL), with the percentages higher in primary grades where students often first enter school systems with little or no English proficiency. The teacher is charged with what can often seem to be a daunting task; that of teaching content and language simultaneously.

This course is designed to provide teachers with a practical understanding of comprehensible instructional practices for the linguistic and literacy needs of minority/heritage language students. Participants will become informed in methods of ESOL education for English Language Learners (ELL) in mainstream classrooms.

Participants will learn how to access resources to learn about students’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Lesson planning template(s) will be suggested to ensure effective planning for ELLs. Participants will be able to differentiate between effective and ineffective teaching methods and understand and implement research-based instructional approaches to language and content area instruction. In addition, participants will explore a language diagnostic tool that is easy to use in informal settings and they then will be able to evaluate the results in order to guide instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Teachers will be able to make informed choices when selecting instructional materials, strategies, and assessments for screening and testing ELLs.

This course is offered for educators in the following locations:

  1. Ashland University, (3 Graduate Credits)
  2. Arizona, (45 Clock Hours)
  3. California, LAUSD (2 Salary Points)
  4. Hawaii, (45 Clock Hours)
  5. Illinois, (45 Clock Hours)
  6. Michigan, (50 SCECH Credits)
  7. National Open Enrollment, (45 Clock Hours)
  8. New York City, ASPDP (3 Salary Advancement P-Credits)
  9. New York State Re-Certification (45 CTLE Clock Hours)
  10. Ohio, (40 Clock Hours)
  11. Pennsylvania, Approved ACT 48 Provider
  12. Texas, Approved CPE Provider

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