Engaging Students with Writers Workshops (Grades 6-8)

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The goals and priorities for this course is intended to provide opportunities for teachers to proficiently implement engaging writing instructional strategies for English Language Arts, using Writer’s Workshop as a vehicle to provide tangible connections between the standards and real-life, hands-on application of literacy instruction within the classroom through student choice, building confidence as writers and through frequent, ongoing collaboration and dialogue.

Writer’s Workshop is based on the premise of three components to encourage such dialogue, through short, concise mini-lessons, leading into independent writing/conferencing and concluding with share time, known as Author’s Chair.

This course will provide teachers with specific strategies aligned to the Writer’s Workshop model to seamlessly align instruction with innovative techniques to build students’ confidence as writers. This course provides an understanding of how to use the Common Core standards for English Language Arts for improved teacher effectiveness and student performance and achievement, through the specific lens of Writer’s Workshop. This model is based upon best practiced of differentiation supported by Carol Ann Tomlinson (1999, 2004) (through individualized conferences according to student interest and readiness levels) and based upon practices designed by Lucy Calkins(2008, 2010) and Ralph Fletcher (2001, 2007) designed to build confidence in students as lifelong writers.

This course is divided into the following modules:

  1. Why Writer Workshop
  2. Using Mini-Lessons
  3. An In-Depth Look at Author’s Craft Mini-Lessons
  4. A Closer Look at Revising and Editing
  5. Building Confidence of Writer’s Using Effective Collaborative Strategies
  6. Putting Everything Together to Promote Student Mastery

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