Differentiated Instruction Driven by Assessments (Foundations)

Deepening Learning

Differentiation can’t be successful without a strategically developed and implemented assessment system that includes pre-instruction assessment, continuing assessment, and culminating evaluation that frequently collaborates and incorporates students self-assessments to promote.

Assessments and differentiation of instruction are inseparable.   The goals and priorities for this course are intended to provide opportunities for teachers to proficiently master implementation of the foundations for using assessments effectively to differentiate instruction.

This course provides participants a structured means for addressing the diverse individual needs of students using effective assessment methods in setting differentiated instructional learning paths.

Connections between the standards and the Danielson’s Framework will be integrated throughout the course with real-life, hands-on application of how to use assessment tools and data effectively (i.e. pre-assessments, diagnostic, formative assessments), within the classroom to address diverse student needs and to design respectful tasks by product, process and/or by content.

Course content will be presented and delivered to teachers in a variety of ways that will result in the specific application of uses assessments effectively to plan for differentiation of instruction according to student interests, individual learning profiles and/or according to student readiness levels based upon assessment data.

Participants will have access to downloadable participant guides, including links to targeted classroom video lesson segments, observational protocols, research documents, extended educational materials, and instructional resources. An expert in the area of differentiated instruction and assessment will be available for regular communications. This professional development is teacher-directed and student-centered.

This course is offered for educators in the following locations:

  1. Ashland University, (3 Graduate Credits)
  2. Arizona, (45 Clock Hours)
  3. Hawaii, (45 Clock Hours)
  4. Illinois, (45 Clock Hours)
  5. Los Angeles, CA (2 Salary Advancement Points)
  6. Michigan, (50 SCECH Credits)
  7. National Open Enrollment, (45 Clock Hours)
  8. New York City/ASPDP (3 Salary Advancement P-Credits)
  9. New York State Re-Certification (45 CTLE Clock Hours)
  10. Ohio, (40 Clock Hours)
  11. Pennsylvania, Approved ACT 48 Provider
  12. Texas, Approved CPE Provider

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  • I feel as though this class is what I wanted to put into place but didn’t know how to start. I find this course extremely helpful and I now can put it into place. The handouts were so informative! Yes, we must know the student to find the perfect learning style for them to succeed. Now I FEEL I CAN DO THAT AND MORE.

    Vicki C., Brandon School District, Michigan Reply

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