Developing Students' Mathematical Habits of Mind, Grades K-12

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Far too many students can be classified as inexperienced problem solvers who don’t know what to do when they don’t know what to do. These are the students who lack experience in making sense of and solving problems, and in communicating and using precise, appropriate mathematics and mathematics language. They have never developed the overarching habits of a productive mathematical thinker.

This course has been designed to help teachers in the development of experienced student problem solvers who practice perseverance and automatically employ the mathematical habits of mind. Teachers will gain a better understanding of the many facets of problem-solving strategies students might employ, and also provide them with methods of instruction and assessments for use in supporting students in developing their problem-solving habits of mind.

Teachers will be immersed with resources and strategies which lead to the development of classroom experiences that will promote learning through problem-solving, making and using abstractions in their lessons, and applying mathematical theories with greater opportunities for developing student mathematical habits of mind.

This course is offered for educators in the following locations:

  1. Arizona, (45 Clock Hours)
  2. Colorado, (45 Clock Hours)
  3. Hawaii, (45 Clock Hours)
  4. Michigan, (50 SCECH Credits)
  5. National Open Enrollment, (45 Clock Hours)
  6. New York City (3 P-Credits Salary Advancement)
  7. New York, Re-Certificate (CTLE 45 Clock Hours)
  8. Ohio, (40 Clock Hours)
  9. Pennsylvania, Approved ACT 48 Provider
  10. Texas, Approved CPE Provider
  11. Virginia, (45 Clock Hours)

University Partners:

  1. Andrews University (3 Graduate Credits)
  2. Ashland University, (3 Graduate Credits)

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