Nebraska teachers must have recent teaching experience or college credit hours for renewal of the teaching certificate. Listed below are three options to meet the requirement: Submit the Verification of Experience Form indicating teaching for one (1) year within the immediate past five (5) years half time (50%) or more in a legally operated school [...]


To renew your Standard or Professional Educator License, you must submit evidence of completion of six (6) semester hours of continuing education or six (6) professional development credits. Each credit is equal to 15 hours, which means over the course of the license each educator must obtain ninety (90) hours of continuing education. Credits may [...]

New Hampshire

New Hampshire teachers employed in a non-public or charter school without a Professional Development Master Plan must complete a minimum of 75 continuing education hours: 30 hours for each specific endorsement area held and 45 hours aligned with the Professional Education Requirements (Ed 505.07) within the three-year period prior to the renewal application date. The […]

New Jersey

New Jersey teachers must complete at least 20 hours of professional development each school year (replacing the previous requirement of 100 hours over five years) as a part of an individual Professional Development Plan (PDP). The move to a yearly hourly requirement ensures that PDPs are revisited each year and are aligned with the teacher’s […]

New Mexico

All first-year New Mexico educators will be issued a Level I Provisional Teacher License, which is a five-year non-renewable license. A Level I teacher must advance to Level II by completing a dossier or a summative evaluation application through the school district. A Level I teacher may advance to Level II after the third year […]

New York

State CTLE Provider – Teach n’ Kids Learn (TKL) is an approved CTLE Professional Development Provide by the New York State Department of Education. Each of our comprehensive courses are approved to meet your 100 NYS License Re-certification requirement. Please make sure to review our state re-certification options. New York City Salary Differential P – […]

North Carolina

The North Carolina Professional Educator’s Continuing License must be renewed every five years. (The 3-year Professional Educator’s Initial License is non-renewable). The renewal process ensures that professional educators licensed as school personnel continually update their professional knowledge and technical competency. Each professional educator’s license holder is responsible for knowing and satisfying their license renewal requirements. […]

North Dakota

For educators who currently hold a five-year license, the relicensing requirement is six semester hours of college coursework. Courses are required to relate to education and/or the area of licensure. Each 1 graduate credit = 1 semester hour For more information, visit the North Dakota Department of Education website.


Teach n’ Kids Learn (TKL) has partnered with Ashland University which is an Accreditation University in Ohio: Click here to find accredited institutions approved to offer Educator Preparation programs in the state of Ohio. Educators currently employed in an Ohio public school or district, chartered non-public school or community school are responsible for the design […]


Oklahoma educators can submit an Online Renewal Application to expedite the renewal process or if you prefer, submit the Application for Renewal of Oklahoma Standard Certificate form by mail to the Oklahoma State Department of Education along with a $50 processing fee (check, cashier’s check or money order) made payable to the Oklahoma State Department […]


Each license has various requirements for renewal, which include either 125 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for the renewal of a five-year license or 75 PDUs for a three-year license. You can earn PDUs by completing college courses, attending workshops and conferences, or participating in other learning activities intended to increase your effectiveness as an educator. […]


Continuing Professional Education is important in Pennsylvania. Act 48 of 1999 requires all Pennsylvania educators holding Pennsylvania public school certification including Instructional I and II, Educational Specialist I and II, Administrative, Supervisory, Letters of Eligibility and all vocational certificates to participate in ongoing professional education. Teach n’ Kids Learn (TKL) is an approved ACT 48 […]

Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, we believe that high-quality professional learning (HQPL) consists of coherent learning experiences that are relevant, purposeful, systematic, and structured over a sustained period of time with the goal of improving and building upon educators’ practices and student outcomes. HQPL enables educators to impact student learning and well-being through the acquisition and application […]

South Carolina

A current, valid Professional certificate is issued for up to five school years and may be renewed based on eligible activities completed during the validity period. Please review the Expired Professional Certificates and Professional Certificate Extensions webpages for information on renewal eligibility beyond the validity of a Professional certificate. Educators must earn a minimum of […]

South Dakota

To renew a Professional Teaching Certificate, educators must complete six education-related credits with a minimum of three transcript credits. 2019 renewal applications should be submitted BEGINNING January 1, 2019. Five-year certificates are valid from the date of issuance through June 30 of the fifth year following the year of issuance. Renewal Requirements for Teachers Each […]


The Educator Licensure Policy 5.502 describes the use of professional development points (PDPs) for educator licensure advancement or renewal. Once educators staffed in a Tennessee public school enter their PDPs into TNCompass, appropriate district staff approve or deny PDPs based on state guidelines. If an educator is not staffed in a Tennessee public school at […]


Teach n’ Kids Learn (TKL) is a pre-approved Texas CPE provider by the State Board of Education and the Texas Education Agency for educators Grades K-12. You can download a Listof CPE providers approved by TEA (Excel) For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions. We are pleased to provide engaging comprehensive online courses  for educators within the state of Texas. Each [...]


A professional license cycle is determined by the date a license is issued or renewed and ending on June 30th of the license expiration year. A Level 1 license is valid for 3 years, a Level 2 license is valid for 5 years, and a Level 3 license is valid for 7 years. If you [...]


Educators employed in a Vermont school will renew through their Local/Regional Standards Board. License Level I For educators renewing a three-year Level I license, each endorsement is required to have three credits (or 45 hours) of new professional learning. At least one credit (or 15 hours) of new learning must apply directly to the knowledge […]


Licenses for renewal may be submitted to the Office of Licensure any time after January 1 of the year of expiration. Renewal requests should not be submitted prior to January 1 of the year of expiration. (The Application for License Renewal is contained within the Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual.) Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual (Word) – [...]